Monday, August 26, 2013

A Monster from the Deep of the Horror Haute

It's that time of the month again, the best time when the darkness, the depraved and the macabre comes out to play - forget Halloween - Horror Haute brings out that dark side in everybody. For the last week of every month, Horror Haute draws out some very dark and macabre designers to share their wares... There is always so much to choose from that it gets hard to pick what I want to show off, but for the first photo this month I couldn't resist being a little creative and coming up with something a little strange to look at hehe...
Now first off I have a bit of a gripe about this first item, I really hope that people don't think that I am being rude and that the designer of this gorgeous mask doesn't excommunicate me or something, but I personally feel that the photo used in the ad really doesn't do this item justice. I was intrigued but confused by the item from merely looking at the ad, but when I put it on WOW! It's a gorgeous - possibly ancient Greek style - helmet mask that looks as if it went down with a ship and has become the home to a mini reef... I pulled it on and wow, its so gorgeous when you see it in three dimensons rather than as a flat poster! It brought out the fantasy side of my brain and I developed a look of something that rose from the sea, one stormy night... Something mystical wearing a Greek helm and releasing it's inner monstrosity.
Both of the main items featured in the photo come from ImmateriA and are available now as part of the Horror Haute August line up. There will be more to come from the event but for now I couldn't resist letting these items control my photographic inspiration!

What is she wearing;
Headdress: ImmateriA - Lir Mask (Available now for Horror Haute August)
Skin: [Gauze] - Dragon Born in Sea Witch
Body Tattoo: [Gauze] - Dragon Born Tintable Body Tattoo
Chest Tentacles: ImmateriA - Call of Cthulhu (Available now for Horror Haute August)
Pasties: My PiXeL PuPpEt - Starfish Pasties in Purple Sparkle (No Longer Available)
Pose: PURPLE POSES - Angel of the Apocalypse 3

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