Saturday, August 17, 2013

Oh my gosh I am actually blogging Aliens!

As the title of my post today shows, this is a very, very, very strange phenomenon as I am normally one that shies away from Aliens... I HATE aliens... I should in fact say I have a phobia... I break out in a sweat and shake, but they are normally the scarier versions that do that to me. I don't like E.T and or the vast majority of the Star Wars style aliens (with the exceptions of the furry ones that look like teddybears), although I am totally and utterly in love with Disney's Stitch, and even the cute little green ones from Toy Story LOL... Maybe I am just a sucker for cute things! 
Now the reason I am laying myself totally bare and telling you all this is due to this new round of The Garden - something which one of my favourite stores for the adorable is taking part in. MishMish has made aliens! 
HellBone had to be there with me when I opened these, in fact I couldn't even look at the screen before he had checked to make sure they weren't anything horrible! Why MishMish would make something scary is beyond my imagination, it would be taking the store in a whole different direction LOL, but he said they weren't something that going to scare me before sloping off to his own PC and complaining about 'pain in the butt women'! 
The Aliens, when I did look at them, are so freaking cute there is no way that I could be scared of these... I stood in the garden looking out over the sea and watching the recent meteor shower cross the sky when a teeny tiny green man came over to take me for a ride... 
Luckily I looked cute, I was very lucky in my wardrobe choice hehe... Don't you think?

What is she wearing;
Hair: Exile - Midnight in Paris in Frost 
Skin: Sugar - Chloe in Clear 
Face Wounds: (Forehead) Corvus - Bullet hole, (Right Eye) Corvus - Scarred Face Tattoo, (Left Cheek) Corvus - Cheek Scars 
Face Piercing: (Forehead) Cute Poison - Chimerical, AND (Lip) Cute Poison - Zephyr Piercing (Past Group Gift) 
Choker: Psycho.Byts - Black Choker + Studs 
Top: Forever Young - Cuddle Tank (Available now at Black Fair
Bracelet: Cute Poison - Lucky Star Bracelet in Pink (Available now at Black Fair
Rings: (LEFT) Mandala - Motsumame in Black/Silver, AND, (RIGHT) Remarkable Oblivion - FAMOUS Ring in Silver 
Stomach Wound: REPULSE - Psycho Stomach Wound Tattoo 
Pants: Sn@tch - Bomber Latex Pants in Pink 
Aliens: MishMish - It's Aliens in UFO and Mini Ufo (Available now at The Garden
Pose: (Beamed up) Rook Poses - Delirium 8 (No Longer Available!)
Alien: MishMish - It's Aliens UFO in Blue (Available now at The Garden), AND,
Close-Up) Starry Heaven - Aya 1

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