Thursday, August 8, 2013

Do you see it in the Stars? Monday's Zodiac Meme

So this week's Meme comes up and someone seems to be feeling astronomical... This week Berry turns her attention to the starsigns. She got inspired by events and sparklies, but for me I can say that I have never really paid that much attention. They are fun to look at but come on, I am a fish! Who wants to be a fish - besides well... a fish!
Anyway, never one to drop out of a challenge, although some research was necessary to complete these, I give to you my ramblings in answer to Berry's interrogation!
What is your birthday and/or Zodiac sign? – My birthday is March 19th and I am a Pisces.
Do you believe in or follow astrology? – Not perse... I know that I am a Pisces and sometimes for a bit of a giggle I will read my star sign and think hmmmm I hope that I come into money today, or meet a new love interest lol - not that Hell would approve of course!I have always had a love of my birthstone - as every month has it's own gemstone - March is aquamarine... So pretty! 
Do you feel your sign’s attributes reflect who you are? – I had to do some research to answer this one... Thanks for the link Berry, made life easier! There are things I can see in myself such as some of the strenghts and weaknesses - Fishes are supposedly compassionate, accepting and imaginative, whilst at the same time being oversensitive, indecisive and self-pitying - I am ashamed to admit to those last three but thinking on them I can see myself like that sometimes! I've heard it said that we are also extremely loyal and will go out of our way to help a friend, and that they trust their gut feelings, well I would say I've never let a friend down and my gut hasn't let me down either lol but maybe let me know if I'm wrong on this. The only one thing that I will say I've read on a website that Berry linked us to, is that they claim feet are an errogenous zone for Piceans - STAY AWAY FROM MY FEET ughhhhh!!!
Have you ever been to a psychic or astrologer either in RL or in SL (are there any in SL?) I haven't been to either in either life for myself. A while ago some of my nearest and dearest in the biker community went to see one in SL, and the results they got were scary... I think it made it worse that they were talking to someone through the anonimity of a virtual world! In RL you can read body language! One of my friends even decided to go back for a second time on a completely unrelated alt, and she gave him pretty much exactly the same reading... HOW CREEPY IS THAT?!
Do you read your horoscope daily and try to follow any advice, recommendations or warnings it may have for you that day? Some days when I am travelling into work on the train with a free newspaper in my hands I will glance at my horoscope. I am trying to work on learning Dutch - seeing as I am living in Holland and engaged to a Dutch man - but I never really put much faith in it, sometimes I get a giggle out of it, but otherwise I am not too bothered.
Do you have very strong feelings about astrology, either negative or positive? I have no really strong feelings about astrology... I am interested by the workings of it in a historical context - being a bit of a history geek - and I love the way that sometimes it can animate people into interesting discussions, but personally for me I can either take it or leave it. I guess it's a very personal thing, like what kind of reading genres do you prefer or how do you like your eggs cooked - each to their own!

What is she wearing; 
Hat: Olive Juice - FishHat (No Longer Available!)
Hair: Ploom - Fluster 

Skin: Sugar - Chloe in Clear 
Face Wound: Corvus - Cheek Scars 
Mouthie: Evie's Closet - Catch of the Day in Goldfish Mer Munch 
Neck Piercing: Cute Poison - Neck Corset Piercing 
Top: SOAP - Cap Sleeve in Tie 
Gloves: Intrigue Co - Fighter Fish Gloves 
Skirt: Lamp*Light - Sky Skirt in Black 
Boots: J's - Studded Long Boots in Black 
Pose Prop: Sparrowtree Studios - Pisces Book Prop Pose 
Fish: Pink Fuel - Fishie 
Fish Sign: Fish! Sign (No longer available)

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  1. OMG that is CREEPY! Also, I need her information so I can go see her too. :P