Sunday, September 1, 2013

Rudh's Tour Guide to SL - Monday's Meme...

This week we become our own little tour guides through SL as part of Berry's Monday Meme. She asked us to talk about our favourite places in SL and tell her what we loved about them, make it seem sparkly like an advert in a holiday brochure, and spread the love of landscapes maybe, rather than stores which seem to get a lot more exposure on the majority of blogs, than the locations of places themselves. I know that I am bad and fall into that trap, I briefly mention places that have been used as photographic backdrops, but these places are often as gorgeous as the things that I am trying to show off, so why shouldn't they get to dance in the limelight once in a while?!
So where will the Rudh travel brochure lead us... Let's start out somewhere Dark and Mysterious shall we...
First off let me take you on a trip to the Bentham Forest. I loved this place the first time I set foot in it a few years back now... It is dark and mysterious, there are hidden quests that send you all over the grounds in search of hidden treasures, and even the decorating right down to the sound effects, make you feel somewhere like a scary forest that has come straight out of a fairytale.Combined with this location is a store where you can find all of the gorgeous items that have been used to create the woodlands, it's a place I always find myself being pulled back to for when I want to decorate the garden around my certain favourite holiday of the year LOL... (Photographed in Windlight Setting - District 8).
Time for somewhere rainbow Rudh style... 
I wasn't going to talk about stores, but this isn't so much a store but more the behind the scenes mall of sorts. If you wander up behind the store to the back of the floating island, you come across the D-Lab town mall... A happy place filled with adorably cute workers and even cuter animals. The colours are vibrant and fun, and tucked around all the shops are things to explore  and hidden secret freebies to collect. (Photographed in Windlight Setting - Greed).
Now to a place for romance...
When I was dating and meeting new people, one of my favourite places to go for romantic dancing wasn't one of the SL ballrooms, it was in fact the flower fields of Wanderstill. There is an in-tan dance ball here so you can choose your place and dance, then when you dance its peaceful and romantic and serene... Hide under the trees, curl up in the flowers and relax... Perfect for family picnics and dances with new loves, I love this place for that...  (Photographed in Windlight Setting - Greed 2)
A trip to the happiest place on earth... 
That's right, Disneyland. Least that is what it is always billed as when you see it in advertisements in RL... In SL though it is called Magicland. I love it here, it still has a similar plastic feeling to being in the actual Disney parks and all of the rides that you know and love are available here for your use. Sometimes if you get lucky you will even see the hired actors dressed as your favourite Disney Characters... (Photographed in Windlight Setting - Greed).
Finally, there's no place like home... 
No matter where I go in SL, I always love coming back home. We've opened up the land now so that people can come and visit, and from what I've heard from other people, the swamp is really well done. I cannot take any credit for that, it was the masterwork of HellBone and my uncle Remus, but it is one of the most relaxing places I can think of. A fair few times I've come home to find a Biker just laying by the fire, snoozing... (Photographed in Windlight Setting - Greed).
So these are my favourite 5 places, if you go to visit any of them I'd love to hear your thoughts on them... Please enjoy the tour of Rudh's SL!


  1. I was at your sim and I have to say, the little details that you put in there is amazing. I especially loved the chained gators! :D

  2. oohh man I haven't been to Betham Forest in a long time. Must visit now!

  3. Ditto Strawberry.....It must be 2 years since I've stood (got lost) in Bentham Forest....must return there myself!