Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Oh my gosh does this make me almost "famous"?

So... Famous in SL... I don't get how that works... BUT I will tell you a little story and bounce around like a crazy overly excited person...
Before I went on vacation I met a woman called DoraMaar, we were both just dancing around at Wet Willies - the rock club - and I happened to mention that I liked her skirt. From then on the conversation flowed to talking about other things, and I mentioned to her that I love taking photos in SL... She wanted to see and then got all excited but the photos that I had created. I love the pictures that I take but someone else getting that excited did shock me a little... When I take pictures I don't expect people will like them, I do it for myself as a record of my time in SL and although I get a thrill when people like something, to see them get as excited as I do about my photos makes me feel rather humbled.
BUT, I was about to get even more humbled...
DoraMaar is someone who knows people in the art industry in SL. She liked my photos so much that she shared them with some of her arty friends, and NOW as you can see above, some of my photos are on display at the Lyrica Gallery! I am going to be included in their up coming gallery event! So excited, I mean I know not all people will like what I create, or even think it's worthy of being displayed like this, but the fact that some people do... I am flattered and blown away to the extreme!! 
Thank you for believing in me!

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