Friday, August 2, 2013

SL DisneyBound - Week 20

OK I am running late with my Disney posts so again we will have a double dosage this week... Last week I was away on vacation and so I very nearly missed the character, which would have been a shame and made me rather sad considering it is one of Disney's cooler characters. Though I will keep the rambling to a minimum for now because well... The awesomeness of the DisneyBounding Challenge. 
Week 20 - DAISY DUCK
One of the staple characters from the Mickey Mouse Crew has to be Daisy Duck - though she was a fairly late comer to the gang, making her debut in 1940.  Daisy is the loving girlfriend of Donald - I wonder if she ever had trouble understanding him?! She's sassy and compared to the super sweetness of her bestie, Minnie, she knows what she wants and bosses lots of people around to get her own way hehe! 
So my Daisy had to have the purple and the white and the pink... I can admit here that I am not overly enamoured with this photo, but then purple and I don't tend to go hand in hand! However, I found this old and cute shirt, which I am afraid to say seems to be no longer available! Making up the rest of the look with one of my go-to items, the skater skirt from Sugar, some adorable summery wedges from Pixel Mode - they aren't mesh but seriously the quality means that doesn't matter, and to show off the bow that Daisy always wears I put it on my finger in the form of this gorgeous and huge bow ring from Olive!
So there is one Disney Character down, and another to come this week, maybe even tomorrow!!! Don't miss that one hehe it's going to be epic! HEHE! 

What is she wearing; 
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Lory Mesh Hair in Iceberg 
Skin: Sugar - Avril in Rockin Ruby 
Face Wound: Corvus - Bullet Hole Tattoo, AND, Cheek Scars 
Face Piercing: Cute Poison - Zephyr Piercing (Current Group Gift) 
Top: sur+ - Sunrise Top in Lavendar (No Longer Available!)
Rings: (LEFT) Mandala - Motsumame in Black/Silver, AND, (RIGHT) Olive -  the It's FASHION WEEK Baby Ring in Pinky 

Skirt: Sugar - Satin Skater Skirt in Snow White 
Shoes: Pixel Mode - Fae Wedges in Pink White Plaid 
Pose: Starry Heaven - Sara 5

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