Tuesday, August 27, 2013

It's My Rezzday!

Today I am 7... I have been in this amazing and yet crazy world for 7 years! 
Let me take you back in time; to a time without mesh and sculpties when prims were beginning their early exploration, when no one knew about wind-lights and face-lights were still the in thing to take a picture in the dark, when textures of things made the 2D SL world seem flatter than pictures in a comic book... This was the SL world I was born into, and back then, I thought, THIS... 
looked good!
Admittedly I was working with what was available at the time, and this might have been the best that a poor little innocent newbie could get her hands on! This was in my first home in SL, an apartment that my sugar daddy gave me, he bought my shape too and made me his little princess for a while getting whatever I wanted lol... The hair was one of my first ever purchases for myself and it was from one of the few stores that offered prim hair with flexi-prims *gasps* lol... For the young-ans out there, don't let me hear you mock me LOL and if you are a newbie never let me hear you complain that it is hard to look good for little money, back when I started it was hard to look good for LOTS of money LOL...
Anyway, Happy Rezday to MEEEEEEEE and maybe I'll be looking back in 7 years thinking why the heck did I have to use a screen why didn't I use a virtual reality helmet or something LOL...


  1. Happy rezzday!! I was going to bring some cake but...*burp* Sorry, it didn't make it :)

  2. happy rezz day Rudh. so cute that picture from long ago

  3. Mummeh is that u .... *blinks than Blinks harder....*