Thursday, March 17, 2016

Princess of Dragons...

I tend to be one of those people that is a little optimistic about the things that I do in life. I am one of those "I'll give it a try" type people, even if I back those thoughts up with thoughts of doubt... Sometimes I am right and you get no response to the situation, but others there is a surprise that brings a smile to your face.
The fantasy lover in me was drawn out recently, and I have to say I have missed working on something a little more fantasy. It started with a dress - themed for the Game of Thrones, which I admit I know NOTHING about - and finished with a tiny little dragon in a teacup hehe... Let the imagination commence as the Dragon Princess saves a baby dragon from a dark underground world! 
The location is amazing, one of those really pretty Role Play sims that I initially thought wouldn't let people in... BUT... They have an observer tag that you can wear and I slipped that on before going exploring, and I was hoping that so long as I stayed out of the way of the action I'd not bother anyone... I'd recommend the sim for fantasy photography - it's Mysts of EYR - and I know that I will definitely be going back to take more photos... It is gorgeous! 
The entire reason for the dress and letting my imagination run wild however, not to mention my opening ramble, is that recently I was digging around, looking to see if anyone was accepting new bloggers - I wanted to try my luck and see if I had what it takes... One of those places was Petite Mort. NEVER in my wildest dreams did I think I'd be given a shot, especially considering I hadn't ever blogged their creations before, but OH MY GOD their designs are SO pretty and so varied! 
This dress is one from Petite Mort that you can grab for yourself at the latest round of The Instruments, which this month has a Game of Thrones theme. I didn't realise at the time I was taking this picture too but there is someone linked with Dragons in the Game of Thrones - I really may be the only person on the planet that has no idea, and I'm sorry LOL - but the dragon I rescued needed to be freed... I had no way of getting him out except putting him in my tea cup! You can find these dragons - and the matching horns - at the latest Kawaii Project from darkenedStare
One more thing before I sign off though, I wanted to include a close-up picture which you can see below, just to show off some of the accessorising I did in this fantasy look... LODE's Violet Wreath looked great with the horns, and the eyes that seemed to change as soon as I reached for the dragon. There was a SongBird calling "Soothsayer" nearby, not sure if that was related, but my eyes sure did itch hehe... 

What is she wearing;
Horns & Dragon: darkenedStare - Sakura Dragon Gacha Items in Black (Available until April 10th at The Kawaii Project
Hair Flowers: LODE - Violets Wreath in Apple Blossom (Available until March 21st at The Chapter Four
Hair: Magika - Jupiter Crash 
Skin: Glam Affair - Luna Skin in Asia 
Eyes: SongBird - SoothSayer (Available until march 31st as a Twisted Hunt Prize) 
Necklace: random.Matter - Baroness Necklaces in Silver 
Dress: Petite Mort - Sophie Gown in Coal (Available until April 4th at The Instruments
Main Picture Pose: Signature Pose - On my Knee 
Close-Up Picture: Signature Pose - Hey There! 

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