Friday, March 18, 2016

Stopping to enjoy the view, Needing some time to think...

Today is likely to be a day of pensive mindfulness...
I've been putting a lot of thought into things lately and the quotation "It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are" - said by E.E. Cummings - really seems to ring true. The reason for this deep and meaningful thinking is that tomorrow I leave my 20s... Tomorrow I enter my 30s... I finally feel more like I have to say I am a grown-up rather than a kid in disguise, even though everyone tells me it's Dirty 30 and now days you're still young at 40 or 50 even! When my mum was 30, she was pregnant with ME, the thought scares me a LOT and I doubt I am ready for something like that, I can barely look after myself...
So I have been doing a lot of thinking...
I went for a bicycle ride on Gator Sim to clear my head a little - I tell ya now, the hills are so much easier on a motorbike LOL - but I had to stop to catch my breath and there I sat thinking and enjoying the view! My bike is a pose - you can't really ride this one unfortunately - but the Image Essentials Pose is available at the Depraved Nation Luck of the Irish Gacha Fair, and is one of the Evolution of a Hipster Set.
A simple pair of Blueberry jeans, rolled up a little to stop them getting caught in the chain, and a cute Fringe Cardigan with a soft Infinity Scarf from Petite Mort was the perfect outfit for this ride, but perhaps now I will leave my thoughts and worries in this spot, I'm going to freewheel down the hill...

What is she wearing;
Hair: Truth - Karlie
Skin: Glam Affair - Luna Skin in Asia
Scarf: Petite Mort - Infinity Scarf (Available until April 10th at Trés Chic)
Cardigan: Petite Mort - Fringe Cardigan in Black (Available until April 10th at Trés Chic)
Pants: Blueberry - Tink in Midnight
Shoes: Essenz - Alabama in Black
Pose: Image Essentials - Evolution of a Hipster Pose 9 RARE (Available until March 27th at Depraved Nation Luck of the Irish Gacha Fair)

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