Wednesday, March 30, 2016

A Spot of Gardening!

One of the things that always happens in my RL family over the Easter Weekend is that everyone who is in the house is expected to help my Dad in the garden to get his garden ready for all the veggies he plans on planting - especially when Easter is as early as it was this year.
It's taken me a little longer but I have finally planted up some of the new garden that HellBone created for me beneath my tree house... I like my dad in RL, got a little creative when it comes to the planters... 
As soon as I saw the latest releases from nefarious.inventions for Lost & Found, it was like I was thrown back to my RL childhood in the garden - especially by the Rare Toilet Planter... I love the various other planters too, the entire set is really cute and well thought out, but I opted for the stack of buckets planter and the tea can planters to compliment my "Royal Throne". 
Whilst I was at Lost & Found though, I also had to grab one of the new releases from [ keke ]. The Sacred Lotus flowers in their old zinc basin are not only pretty but they look so good, plonked haphazardly there with my old Milk Cans. On the subject of the old milk cans, these were some of the d├ęcor items that Hell left out for me whilst he was prettifying my little plot of air space - I don't like skyboxes! I do, however, love the little ramshackle ruin with it's gate - and the milk crates - which are now the homes of my chickens! 
Everything goes so well together, it brings a smile to my face and even my RL Dad - who thinks SL is silly - said it looks pretty before telling me that I should help him with his garden LOL... 

What is in the Picture;
Milk Cans, Fence & Gate: 8f8 - New Beginnings Gacha Items (Available until March 31st at The Arcade
Flowers: [ keke ] - Sacred Lotus in Zinc Basin White (Available until April 1st at Lost & Found
Buckets, Tea Cans & Toilet: [nefarious.inventions] - over.grown Gacha Items (Available until April 1st at Lost & Found

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