Saturday, October 1, 2011

52 Weeks of Colour - Week 48!

*Refuses to think about how little time we have left in this challenge*
A green tone this week, ugh I don't get on well with green... I know that it is a colour that looks fantastic on some people but Green and Rudh just never seem to work! As a result I have so little of it in my inventory that every time a green tone comes up I head to somewhere bordering that of mild panic, and dive head first not only into the bargains bin that is my freebies folder - saved up from many hunts and random moments of freebie grabbieness - but also into the Marketplace...  Looking at the colour it did seem to be more of a minty tone, I had a thought, could I pull it off... I tried, it worked, I nearly fell off my chair laughing!!! 
Week 48... 
Week 48: Hope I don't sit here too long or that green skin will make me like the Wicked Witch of the West, ya know "I'M MELTING, I'M MELTING!" 
What is she wearing; 
Hair: Concrete Flowers - Plem Plem (no longer available)
Skin: *The Stringer Mausoleum* - Pastel Skins
Bikini: .::DELISH::. - Brown (dollarbie on marketplace)
Necklace: ::69:: - Rattan (the hair store used to make jewellery and boots too - sad they stopped!)
Bracelet: .::Atomic::. - Army Bangle (past group gift)
Anklet: *ZhuZhu* - Anklet (dollarbie on marketplace)
Feet: SLink - Jolie Pied

I is an ice cream LOL, Mint Chocolate Chip to be exact, I love that flavour, though I am partial to cookie dough or even just a Mister Whippy... Mmmmmm Ice cream!!!! *goes off in search of the freezer* 
Next Week -Wenge... What the heck is that for a colour name?? Its like Very dark Grey/Brown Mud colour?? What about all the pretty ones left like turquoise or gold?!


  1. Mint choc chip, one of my favs to! Oh! You could also be pistachio Ice cream!! LOL
    Your so dang cute Rudh, LOVE this! xoxo

  2. haha i love your story about your the struggle and the end result !!!Creative!!! greetings Nic

  3. nooooooooo ... no chance for melting .... and not back to the freezer ... I just came to lick all the smexy mint ice cream away ;-)
    Love that pic and the idea ;-))))

  4. I don't like mint much. Only good for toothpaste in my opinion.
    ... I hope I didn't just give you another crazy costume idea there! ;)

    Love that picture! Super funny and very creative indeed :)

  5. I kindof agree with Sama. So I'll think of you as pistachio instead and concentrate on the chocolatey swirly part! Yummy Rudh :)

  6. Yeah, I agree pistachio gelato is a more apt description but either way you look yummy!

  7. I still haven't worked out how to pronounce wenge! Wenge!

    Anyway, you nailed it this week with your awesome imagination.

  8. Yes, acres of moss green there, lol

  9. How about chocolate mint ice cream with moss topping? (We need our veggies, after all.) Very original idea, Rudh:)

  10. Lol at mild panic. Some weeks I race right through mild panic and into major meltdown panic. Another unique, great pic. Great Job..and now I want ice-cream :)

  11. Mossy green ice cream?! Sexy and fun!