Tuesday, October 18, 2011

H is for HYPER! Alphabet Time

H could also be for Hunting, which I am doing SO MUCH of these last couple of days what with both the Seasons Hunt and ZombiePopcorn Hunt starting... I LOVE these two hunts, and am a little sad for the Seasons hunt as it is to be their last one, but people move on and I believe that the  organiser is doing just that so good luck to her! 
Yet I took a brief break to post my Monday showing of my letter of the week look... So this week it is the letter H and for the location I didn't have much choice!!! LOL! 
What H's did I dig outta my wardrobe;
Hair: .ploom. - HOODOO
Skin: [mpq] - HARD LONG NIGHT (can't find the store at all!)
Necklace: [Flox] - HEART MACABRE (past hunt prize) and *Boom* HYPNOSIS CHARM (Ring worn matches necklace)
Top: ..✗Shush ✗.. - HOOKER
Outfit (Corset, Skirt, Gloves and Socks): Paradisis - HATRED
Boots: ..::Beauty Killer::.. - HOOKER HEELS

The location for this photograph had to be Hell's store, HOGS AND CART WHEELS. I know before I was talking about the fact he had a store called Hell&Co Wheels, but that was closed  a couple of months ago and Hell decided to go alone due to a dispute with his business partner. Hogs and Cart Wheels was chosen as a name as it means we can keep the H&C Wheels abbreviation, thus meaning it is easier for people to still find the store. He is working like a demon to get things out (lol Hell, Demon, lol I make myself laugh), and has just completed what could be my favourite car yet... THE MUNSTER KOACH!!! I love it!!


  1. You're one Hot biker chick! But... will your helmet fit over those pigtails?