Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Blog Hero... Week 11

It would seem that Miss Shay has a love of the Eurovision Song Contest, as this week for the Blog Hero she leads us back there to a rather huge power ballad. Now don't get me wrong I love the Eurovision, every year it is fun to sit and watch usually with a face that looks like an Edvard Munch follow up to the Scream... The outfits alone, not to mention the weird backing dancers, cause this look of awe mixed with shock horror mixed with crazy laughter, though that could be the copious amounts of drink that you have to down to actually manage to get through the event.
Yet Fledge and I were discussing this song, and I have to agree with her it doesn't instantly make me think that it is from Azerbijan, it seems to me like one of those big power ballads that certain American singers can pull off,  Whitney Houston is a classic example! Yet it is definitely better than some of the recent Eurovision "songs" - Scooch entered the same year as this (watch it here), I warn you, watch at your own risk!
Week Eleven's song... Safura - Drip Drop
Tell me where have you been?
Why are you late?
You smell like lipstick, again
Come on, answer my question, say something
Why are you acting out? Or say it’s in my head
O.K. so my photo doesn't exactly link to the lyrics but it fits the feel of the song as a whole... I will also say that the song is about doubting your partner and crying about it... Hell says that he wouldn't and couldn't ever hurt me in this way and so I was only allowed to use a picture of him if I said so in the post. I just heard the song and thought crying in the rain after a fight, this song really should be used as some break up song in a teen movie LOL... It really would fit the bill!!!

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