Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Our Last 52 Weeks Movie!!! *sobs*

I know that this is going to sound very, very strange, but watching this movie actually brought a tear to my eye. Mayala and I got together for our last 52 weeks movie over a week ago now, as we wanted to finish in style. Miss Maya pulled it outta the bag again and created a chic video to end the joint efforts for the 52 weeks, taking a colour that neither of us was overly keen on, creating a location, filming and placing a soundtrack over the top that kinda summed up the working experience with Maya...
So anyway, you may have seen it on her blog, but I wanted to showcase it here also...
I won't be getting soppy till next week really, but I wanted to use this post to say;
Maya, Thank you, you have been fantastic to work with. You have one of the most crazily creative minds out there and to be able to be a part of it's inner working even just for a little while has been a thrill ride... LOL since we've been doing this I've been a cowboy, a blow up doll, a catwalk model and in a video game (ok so we missed a week but SHHHHHHH). I hope that if you ever wanna make a movie again I can be there with you, and maybe on the next round of colours there will be more Maya/Rudh Epics... But for now as we fall from the platform to the Abyss. Thank you Maya!!


  1. Lol! Great video especially the dancing at the end and props to you both for keeping with this challenge.

  2. we didn't miss that week ... we're keeping it for the time before the next round starts ... so we won't get lazy ;-)
    it's always such a pleasure to have movie fun with you ... *hugs*