Monday, October 10, 2011

Bring Back Surnames?!

I, like most people, get a LOT of notecards on a daily basis from stores and groups, you name it everyone seems to be sending out notecards! Though a couple of days ago I was given a notecard that people are sharing in the hopes that LL might change things and bring back SL Surnames... It made for some very interesting reading! 
 When LL first introduced the policy of all new residents only needing to choose a first name it seemed like a good thing, it meant that there was an option in world to be able to change your name to whatever you wanted. If you were married you could easily take your partners name, or if you weren't happy with your name you could use a nickname... it was easy and fun! Yet there have been found to be problems with this system... People taking names of others and pretending to be something they are not, constant changes of display names causing difficulty for people to find others in friends lists, a feeling of being second class citizens when entering contests or trivia boards. Many things such as the trivia contests and the sploders, which are still around will not recognise the display name and so people lose that feeling of Yay as they win by the board telling everyone that someone who isn't their chosen name is the winner...
There is now a Jira report in place for you to vote to bring back the use of surnames in SL. The creators of this report are not in anyway suggesting that the use of display names are stopped but they are suggesting that any new resident should be given the right to choose a surname if they wish to have one! To view the full details of the Jira report, you can look at the BRING BACK LAST NAME OPTIONS on the website, or if you want to IM me I can send you a copy of the notecard! 
As a longstanding member of the SL world, I voted for this. I don't think that display names should be scrapped, and as in RL we should all be given the right to change our names if we wish, but after reading the notecard that was passed to me in SL I think that they do have a point. I am a Laguna, there aren't many of us around anymore, and I wouldn't want to give up my surname for anything. It is a part of my identity... I think that new residents should be allowed to have the rights to the same kind of identity as I've got, why should I be allowed to have a surname just because I have been here for 5 years when they are expected to be a Resident? 
I hope that this idea gets passed and that last names for new residents becomes a feature again... As for me I will always be proud to be a Laguna!


  1. I like the surnames and voted a long time ago on this. I do like my purty display them though too so if they bring back the surnames, I hope I get to keep my display name. Having Resident as a last name limits people and we are going to start seeing millions of numbers after a name in a bit.

  2. I agree... and the way last names were implemented was really cool. On rotation. I immediately know a Streeter is from my times when I meet one. And I had since then put a context on many other names I met. Keep them a few months then rotate and give residents a history!
    *runs off to vote*

  3. I never understood why they took surnames away to begin with. Another case of LL fixing something that wasn't broken. Definitely going to vote for this!