Thursday, October 6, 2011

Blog Hero... Week 12

This song is by one of my favourite voices...As a lover of Rock music, I will definitely say that a female voice in an operatic style over a rock music track is a style that I LOVE! Within Temptation seems to be one of those bands that can really rock that style, and the voice of Tarja Turunen is beautiful! If you haven't ever heard them you NEED to check them out!
This post took me a little longer than planned, I just had to keep tweaking the photo as there were things that weren't working right every time I looked at it... Now though, I love this photo! 
Week Twelve's song... Tarja Turunen - I Walk Alone
My winter storm
Holding me awake
It's never gone
When I walk alone
The video for this seems rather confusing, it's like a forest spirit protecting a lonely, lost girl?! Yet reading the given lyrics, they seem to be sadder, darker and when you combine that with the overall feeling of the video the way the girl constantly feels the need to look over her shoulder, it just gave me the feeling of being watched and so I created this cute yet scared Rudh, with her dark, sinister self watching from a distance. The darker side of Rudh tends to come out occasionally, then I can be seen running around as a vampire or a zombie. I love dressing up, it's Halloween soon but I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO DRESS AS!!! Ideas on a postcard please?!

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  1. Dress as a postcard? *Giggles* Just kidding but I think you're silly enough to actually go through with it. Great post. Makes me think of the Winter to come.