Saturday, October 15, 2011

52 Weeks of Colour - Week 50!

Still not thinking about how little time we have left... *puts my fingers in my ears and sings LALALA I CANT HEAR YOU!*
This week was one of the tenth weeks, that meant only one thing!! MAYALA AND RUDH DUO COLOUR WEEK!!! Now OK in the past we have found it a little difficult to get together on this, there is still one of the five missing I think, yet this week we did it on the weekend that the next colour was announced... That took a LOT of sorting out work schedule wise. We had to do it then, there would have been no other time for it, as she's been away all week! But still... I have a teaser for you, you'll have to wait till Mayala loads the complete thing to her blog like always!
Wooooh that looks exciting doesn't it hehe... You're gonna have to wait and see the rest. Oh and to Anichka Savira, whom I had the pleasure of meeting this week and who likened meeting me to a screaming teenage girl meeting Justin Bieber, this was my Bieber Celeb Moment for the week, lol I'm dedicating my role in this movie to you LOL! *hugs*
Week 50... 
Week 50: I became a contestant on Strictly Come Dancing!
What is she wearing;
Hair Flower: Clawtooth - Fancy Pants Hair Flower
Hair: Ari - Hannnah
Eyeshadow: KOSH - Metallic Eyeshadow
Jewellery: Lazuri - Classic Pearl set
Clothes: CaTwA - Unique Dress
Shoes: N-Core - Eternity (past group gift) 

Check out Mayala's blog to see the final effect of what could be our last colour challenge movie *pouts*... I hope it won't be the last Mayala/Rudh movie project... I love working on them with her! 
Next Week -Cream


  1. Nice mulberry choice.
    I wish I were there when you meet :)

  2. awww.... so many cute stories!
    Like when Laila found me over at DeeTaleZ... shopping for Moss Green lol :P

    Totally agree with the fingers-in-my-ears! Perhaps I can start the Alphabet Soup challenge lol!

    /me waits for Maya's pic! Hugs!

  3. Aw I feel so honored. It's kinda like going to see Never Say Never (I so haven't seen it nor have I actually heard more than one Beiber song) but I cannot wait to see your movie!

    That is one saucey dress, very hot!

  4. Aw, sweet meeting story. It's so fun to run into "one of us" out on the grid. Love your look, Rudh!

  5. sure nice to meet one of the bloggers somewhere ..may be we need make big feast at the end in one of our favorite outfits from the challenge and meet ALL... nice dress too..bye bye Nic

  6. BEAUTIFUL dress my friend, you look gorgeous!
    Cant wait to see what you and Mayala come up with, the teaser pic is really kewl to, making me wonder..hmmmmmmm, wonder what those two are gonna do? =)

  7. Love the dress Rudh, you look fabulous. I would vote for you!!! And as far as the teaser pic....I want more!!! LOL I will be waiting patiently, (ok not patiently) for Mayala to post the rest of it.

  8. If we hold a referendum, I vote that you and Mayala work together again -- you're such a complementary pair and so damn clever!

  9. Aw, Rudh, you're such a tease. Well, part 1 looks amazing. Can't wait to see the two of you together ;)

  10. Glitter and glamour Rudh! You look awesome :)

  11. Justin Bieber should BE so lucky to meet you! (So would the rest of us!) You look great!

  12. LOL! You look fantastic. Watch out Justin, Rudh's on the red carpet!

  13. I think you were -- Nancy Dell'Olio ;-))