Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Blog Hero... Week 14

Week 14 of the Blog hero challenge and I am still going strong. This, unlike the colour challenge, I find a little harder, something that I have to put a lot of thought into and something that I try to get creative on.These pictures are the one time in the week when I let my attempts at playing with Photoshop run riot, I crop and post process and often end up with something only I could say I like looking at just because I know of the sheer effort that I put into making the picture in the first place... 
This week though was the first time that I actually said "UGH I don't like this song", I don't know why, I have no reason to not like it, it just seems like one of those songs to me that has no appeal. Maybe it's because it was before my time but that's not likely, it may be more likely due to the fact that I'm not keen on that synch music sound?! Anyway, I still did the picture, I get brownie points for that right... 
Week Fourteen's song... Ultravox - Vienna
The music is weaving
Haunting notes, pizzicato strings
The rhythm is calling
Alone in the night as the daylight brings
A cool empty silence
The warmth of your hand and a cold grey sky
It fades to the distance
The idea behind this picture has nothing to do with the song as a whole, some weeks I go that route but as I wasn't keen on the song I went with the lines more poetically. I used a past gift prize from Hysteria called "The Devil's Symphony" that looked as though music was being stabbed into Rudh, weird but awesome I have to say, and then took the haunting strings creating a picture that I hope suggests the haunting music being played and forced into Rudh. I'll call it the song of the haunted violin" hehe... What do you think? Did I pull this off?


  1. You sure did Rudh! Love the pic :)

  2. Yes, you get brownie points for this one:) Good idea and well executed!