Monday, October 10, 2011

G is for GIANT!! Alphabet Time

*Finally breathes out and relaxes* This weekend has been SO BUSY!!! Saturday was the opening of the Seraphim HQ in world and boy did people seem to enjoy the goodies that we had on offer... Thanks to all of the designers that helped us out and showed masses of support for that by the way... But as well as that I covered Project Themory, a Cupcakes Bake Sale AND The Fashion Garrett... I will admit though, I LOVE working with the others they are all so nice! On top of that Mayala and I fit in a photo shoot for the upcoming colour...Still now it is time to sit back and work in my own Ramblings, and the Alphabet Challenge calls...
I went with GIANT as my G word this week due to the size of my hair... I love this hair but very rarely get a chance to wear it, you're all so lucky that you get to see this hehe!!! 
What G's did I dig outta my wardrobe; 
Hair: <<GRIDDIE>> - 89 (past freebie)
Skin: -GLAM AFFAIR- - Layla (past hunt prize)
Outfit: *Fishy Strawberry* - GRANNY KNITTED DRESS
Ring: $GANKED$ - Robyn Knuckles

The location I chose to photograph this look in is actually a glimpse at my home. The name of our land is the Grounds of the BoneCrusher, as HellBone and I own it and he got to chose the name hehe... Our house is simply gorgeous - well least I think so anyway - it was one of the creations of Julia Hathor of Creative Fantasy. She makes some AMAZING HOMES! I live here with HellBone and the rest of my SL family, you never know who you will bump into when you're here, though its invite only to come in so if you're wanting to see it you're gonna have to beg nicely LOL...


  1. Now that is some GIANT hair! I love your home Rudh, show us some pix on the inside sometime soon =) xoxo

  2. That is some truly giant hair. Indeed not something you're gonna wear everyday LOL.
    But you do make it look good!