Friday, October 28, 2011


My favourite holiday of the year is upon us, if you haven't noticed already are you hiding under a very large boulder, under an avalanche that became the base of a massive city? 
I know that I am posting a greeting a little bit early, as Halloween isn't officially till Monday, but it is the Halloween Weekend and so I want to do it NOW DAMMIT!!! LOL! 
Plus, it gives me a chance to send out the message attached to this post to say that HellBone and I will be having a little party tonight at his store for anyone that is interested and wants to come on down... EVERYONE IS WELCOME!!! The reason it will be at the store is he is also having a sale, 50% off everything in the store, so if you know anyone with an interest in vehicles or are interested in vehicles yourself then please come take a look around tonight. The party starts at 12PM SLT and will run till we pass out! You don't need to be in costume, but if you want to that's fab other than that I will be handing out Tricks and Treats?! YAY!!! So yeah, PARTY TIME WOOT WOOT hehe!!!

Taxi to the party!!!!!

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