Friday, October 21, 2011

The Flesh Game

OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS TIME OF YEAR... Everything about the Halloween period makes me all giddy with excitement. I love the hunts, I love the goodies, and I love the dressing up - though OK I do that a lot all through the year anyway! 
Yet one of my most looked forward to things to do at this time of year has to be the major events run by Sn@tch and friends, the mammoth challenge games that they have hosted every year! I FREAKING LOVE THEM!!!! 
This year's is no exception, but if you wanna give it a try you might wanna hurry, I think it's only open till the 31st?! 
The Flesh Game is this year's offering...
OH MY GOD it is the creepiest one yet! I was so lucky that I was able to hold Lynnie's hand as I was walking around. There is even a space that is straight out of my nightmares that I had to run through pretty much with my eyes shut because I got really scared! I have had re-occuring nightmares since I was 15, and somehow the creators of the challenge managed to hit the nail on the head hard, and actually exactly replicate it!!! Imagine that, being totally scared outta my wits because of something created in SL, it was terrifying... Though anyway that is what Halloween is all about and after I spent a good five minutes trying to distance myself from the nightmare, I will admit that it was a feeling of elation and I actually enjoyed (the majority) of the challenge!!! 
So thank you to the designers and creators of these challenges, THEY ARE AWESOME, bring on next year's challenge... Make it scarier I dare you!!!! 
If you haven't been to the Flesh Game, what are you waiting for!!! Go Here. Go Now! You don't want to miss SecondLife's Scariest Halloween Event!!!

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