Sunday, October 30, 2011

One of Many Halloween Looks

Most of you that read this know by now that I love Halloween, and I also love dressing up... The fact that the two things can be combined is just totally awesomely fantabulous for me, and there are SO MANY gorgeous gifties being given out by stores that I am in Halloweeny Heaven! 
I don't ever normally think about showing things off fashion-wise on my blog, I never really wanted it to be a fashion blog, I don't have a set style or anything like that I just wear what I like normally, though occasionally I find something that I feel is worth talking about, something that makes me squee in excitement to see it... 
That's one of the reasons I made this picture, 
First off the excitement is for two key components of this picture, one being the puff on my shoulder and the other being the skin! Secondly, I took this picture and was like WOAH I LOVE THIS PICTURE!
The Puff on my shoulder is one of the Pygmy Puffs from Ohmai Emporium. I'd wanted one of these for AGES as I had been seeing these on blogs everywhere, people were taunting me with them! Lynnie found them today and sent me one, that was it we were both there going for the whole lot! I got a set with a little help from Lynnie (actually it was a lot of help)! The skin is the other thing that had me in fits of gimmegimmegimme, this is part of a set of Sugar Skull skins that are being given out for Halloween as a dollarbie at KOSH! It comes in three different colours - there is a green and red version too, and weirdly enough I wear the purple one, I never wear purple!! Like NEVER! I fell in love with the sugar skull patterning on the face as normally you see it completely coloured, this was a new take on it for me and I was drawn to it! How pretty!! It won't be a dollarbie for long so get it while you can, and hurry the store is closing for a refurb on the 1st!!!


  1. Perhaps a silly thing to say about a Halloween-look, but... you look sooo pretty! It just suits you perfectly :)

  2. yeah ... the lil puffs are just too cute, but if mine keeps licking and eating my hair, I need to shave that fluffy cutie to get a wig ;-)