Friday, December 11, 2015

Kiss Me Under the Light

It's getting colder here in Holland, the wind this morning was like being in a freezer even though it's not yet at freezing levels... It's always nice when it gets this cold to have someone to help keep you warm, and I know that without HellBone in bed next to me every day I'd end up spending hours trying to warm my feet up - luckily he's like a walking radiator!
In SL you don't feel the cold, and I frequently go out shopping at Winter Sims in outfits that are nothing more than panties LOL, but it's also nice to have someone to cosy up to when things are a little snowy, and a cuddle is always a good thing!
Dean is someone that is not only good for posing with, he's also good at giving cuddles! I know that I can always rely on him to give me a hug and help me sort out my issues, one way or another...
The location we are posing in is in fact one of the awesome pose props created by Come Soon Poses, called Kiss Me Under The Light. Luckily I was wrapped up warm, but it was even better to be in the arms of a friend for such a tight hug... The cute Besom & Reign Hair called Kitty, kept my ears warm while the fluffy Foxes jacket wrapped me up all snug!
It was lovely to pose with Dean on a winter scene like this, and he's such a good model and friend to sit still for so long hehe...

What are they wearing;
Hat & Hair: BESOM & REIGN - Kittenish in Reds (Available until December 11th at No.21)
Skin: Glam Affair - Lauren in America 07
Jacket: Foxes - Fleece Jacket in Chocolate
Hair: +BM+ - Ruby in Black (No longer Available!)
Skin: Vaya Con Dios - Rafael Skin in Tone 1 Shaved 
Jacket and Jumper: [BODY FACTORY] - Classic Coat in Grey 
PoseCome Soon - Kiss me under the light Full Scene

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