Friday, December 18, 2015

Not just for Santa!

When I was younger, we were always taught that Santa was magic and he'd come down the chimney. My mother always used to leave glittery boot marks at the foot of our open hearth just to make it seem like the story was true, and if my sister and I didn't leave out a sherry and mince pie for Santa - my dad would have been so upset LOL... Though I've gone off on a ramble LOL, I was saying that I always wondered what would happen if you didn't have a chimney?!
So I was shopping in SL and I found the perfect solution... a special key for Santa... I hung mine on the front door and cannot wait for him to arrive... 
I just hope that no one else decides to use the key first! 
It would be the perfect tool for someone who wanted to break in, someone like that scary looking intruder above! Gosh I wouldn't want to find that sneaking into my bedroom, I'd never sleep again LOL... 
The masks are awesome, a brainwave of Miss Katatonik Pigeon for her store Katat0niK, that you can win yourself from the Winter Gacha Festival. They come in a series of different designs - which as I am so lovely I will say the gacha key here
The PJs I am wearing were also perfect for the part of an intruder - although they would be cute to wear for their regular use too - but the stripes just had that little look of a dark nature when I added them to the hood! These are SongBird PJs, for the Twisted Krissmuss Event, a place you can get dark and depraved items to give to friends and family!!! 
Remember putting a key on your door is asking for trouble, you never know what it might let in! 

What is she wearing;
Hood: Katat0niK - Intruder Mask in Rudolph (Available until December 31 at Winter Gacha Festival
PJs: SongBird - Twisted PJs in Stripes (Available until January 11 at Twisted Krissmuss
Pose: !bang - Fairy 1 
Key: Kuro & [Consignment] - [Christmas bits] Santa's key
Tree: Jian - Festive Potted Tree  

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  1. The mask looks cool, and remind me of Resident Evil 5 game (a boss and some of the baddies wear them in game)