Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Watch out for that Tree

I'm at home today, thank goodness!!! YAY!!! So it means I have a little bit more freedom to enjoy myself rather than worry about having the big mean bosses breathing down my neck!!! 
Now that I had this new found freedom, I wanted to do something silly... Some of my friends suggested Ice Skating!!! "Come Skate" they said, "it's fun" they said... 
"Look out for that tree" is what they should have said... I was having such a good time that I missed the HUGE tree appearing in front of me and BAM I smacked into that sucker so hard I collapsed and got to see pretty stars! 
Anyway I KNOW what you're thinking besides the fact you're laughing at me for my extreme tree hugging, but I can see it in your eyes, you're wondering why I'm barely dressed and ice skating LOL... Well I bought the outfit a while ago and YES it is a strange colour combination but it just seemed perfect as an outfit that a figure skater might wear LOL... I had to have it! It's an Emporium release called Cindy! It also goes amazingly well with the very very very cool (Poisoned Diamond) High Heel Skates which you can grab for yourself at Winter Trend until December 18th. 
Seems like I'm going to have a few bruises in the morning, but then I guess if you know me at all you're gonna be thinking that it's nothing abnormal LOL... Lets just hope I remember who I am when I wake up huh?!

What is she wearing;
Hair: Tableau Vivant - Editorial in Laying Funky 
Stars: Boof - Seeing Stars (No Longer Available!)
Skin: Glam Affair - Lauren in America 07 
Eyelids: SLINK - Mesh Eyelids 
Outfit: EMPORIUM - Cindy in Pack 1 
Shoes: (Poisoned Diamond) - High heel Skates in Pink (Available until December 18th at Winter Trend
Pose: Image Essentials - Birds Eye 1 

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