Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Dolls at Lost Junction

It's my day off and I plan to spend the day relaxing after the hellish week that I have had so far... It's time to work on some pretty pictures, get a little Gator work done and have a damn good time, and trust me I have a LOT of photography work to catch up on lol...
One of the items that I wanted to share was an adorable little play set released from Lost Junction just in time for those adorable little kiddies in SL to have some wonderful Dolls at Christmas... After all what little child doesn't like dolls of some kind?!
These dolls are from the Lost Junction as a part of the Dollie Days collection, which is currently available at this month's Arcade
Shown here is a combination of playsets... The Pigeon Playset includes the bench and the birds, whilst the Snowtime Playset includes the snow drift and snow man... It's great that you can mix and match pieces from each playset! 
The dolls can be won separately, and the doll I chose that I liked best was Miss Pigeon... 
There are so many different sets to win, and they are just the kind of thing I'd have enjoyed playing with in RL when I was a little girl, so I couldn't resist sharing them with you! 

What is on show; 
Dolls & Props: [Lost Junction] - Dollie Days in Miss Pigeon, Pigeon Playset and Snowtime Playset (Available until December 31t at The Arcade)

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