Friday, January 18, 2013

Going Home!

Today is the day! Hell had some very unexpected free time from his company - he is a shift worker and randomly he was scheduled 6 days in a row free, which NEVER happens - and so him knowing full well how strange it was for me being without my family over Christmas he suggested that we tried to get home to see them! My boss was more than happy for me to disappear for a few days - he says I need a break as I work too hard lol, can you believe my boss actually told me I work too hard LOL - and so TODAY WE LEAVE FOR ENGLAND!!! YAY! 
First off before I go, I have to say I LOVE this outfit, the jacket from cheeky with a pair of skinny jeans was my look of the week LOL... I'm lazy what can I say sometimes. I just don't always feel like spending hours digging for something new to wear lol... The little kitten on my arm is from D-Lab and he reminds me of my cat that I left behind in the UK when I moved and will now be going back to see! The Photo just seemed a little crazy but it works with my blog I guess... I mean the random colours splodged all over the place definitely fits how the inside of my brain works LOL! 
Anyway everyone, see ya this time next week!!!

What is she wearing;
Hair: Ploom - 5 More Minutes
Skin: Ploom - Maia in Smoke Honey
Piercing: Cute Poison - Beauty Destroyed 
Jacket with shirt: cheeky - Female Carben! in Union Jack
Pants: Modish - Super Skinnies in Grey (No Longer Available)
Cat: D-Lab - Gang Cat Johnny
Ring: Maxi Gossamer - Tiger Lily Flower in Silver (Available from Limited Bazaar - SOLD OUT!)
Suitcase Prop: Sparrowtree Studios - Anywhere But Here Suitcase Pose Prop
Pose with Mobile Phone Prop: LabelMotion - My Mobile Phone


  1. Awww, enjoy your time with your family, you lucky girl! xoxo Loves ya

  2. Have a great time over there ... and when you're back, I'm gonna drag you both in front of the cam ;-)

  3. wish you a very good time Rudh.. although you may be read this when you are back home.