Monday, January 28, 2013

Magicland... Home of the Mouse

There are some places in SL, that I have been to in the past and loved but have since forgotten about... Places that I feel I should begin to try investigating once more... They vary in their style, their atmosphere, their complexity and even their size, but at the end of the day these places bring a smile to my face.
Magicland is one of those places for me. As a HUGE fan of Disney - HellBone has even suggested he may take me to the Paris park for my birthday this year - I had, sad to admit, forgotten that this place in SL even existed. I caught mention of it on a blog I follow and thought "EEEEEEEH now who am I going to drag in there with me?"
HellBone was too busy building, Fledge has been off fighting Zombies and Creepers in Minecraft and most other people were busy... Then HORATIO appeared, mwhahahahaha, I knew he loves Disney as much as I do, he was the perfect candidate to hang out with at the Disney based SL Theme park!
As soon as you enter the park it is like a little slice of Disney heaven, H and I stopped off to buy adorable hats for 25L each and Mickey Mouse gloves for 50L, before skipping off into the park like two big kids. Admittedly my outfit was possibly not the best outfit to wander around a theme park like this in, starting with the open jacket and no shirt look and ending at the super high heels that would make your feet have the world's biggest blisters... Yet the place is so much fun, who cares what you look like... Go, go now, ride the rides! Go go go!

What is she wearing;
Hat: Rod Eun's Hat Shop - Mouse Ears Hat with Minnie and Bow (Available at Magicland Park)
Hair: Magika - Pretty
Skin: Ploom - Maia in Smoke Honey
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer - Granada Filigree Cross
Jacket: Milk Motion - Cut-Out Blazer in Black
Pants: Modish - Super Skinnies in Grey (No Longer Available!)
Gloves: Rod Eun's Hat Shop - Puffy Mouse Gloves (Available at Magicland Park)
Shoes: MonCheri - Mesh Peep Toe Pumps in Black

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