Tuesday, January 15, 2013

If Rudh was a Chibi...

I've noticed them popping up on Flickr, and when I checked my flickr account whilst at work this morning I nearly squealed and jumped out of my chair in front of all my RL colleagues... I managed to control myself however, but as soon as I was able to sneak off home early - I knew there was something good about snow lol... 
Yet as soon as I saw this fun new character creator I simply couldn't resist turning Rudh into one... I've done a couple in the past and it always makes me giggle - what a brilliant time wasting exercise - I love doing these...
Look it's lil Chibi Zombie Rudh! Isn't she cute?! The Chibi Maker is free to play with, and there are loads of different options which will have you giggling for hours - I am sure that Hell is gonna tell me to shut up at any moment LOL - but if you do make one I'd LOVE to see it, so please make sure to link me... OH AND if you ever find character makers like this please let me know too... Rudh has been created in many different styles but I love doing it!!! Don't hide the fun, share the wealth hehe... 


  1. haha love what you wrote... running home to do this haha.. i know that feeling.. and the snow as excuse looool so sweet that Chibi Rudh

  2. YaY ... Zombie Rudh at her best ;-)
    Got no idea what a chibi is, but of course ... I had to try this too ;-)

  3. Love your Chibi, totally going to try it!!!

  4. Here you go babycakes:

    Oh! This one too, though it's a bit... "complicated":

    Ooooone more:

    (the first one you cand download and keep, and the other two you will have to run it through google translate.)
    That last one is a sprite maker that kinda goes with them.
    Hopefully this will keep you busy for awhile. ^o^

    I make little RPG maker games when I'm bored; so I know where all the really good generators are. Let me know if you want more.