Thursday, January 24, 2013

Back In Time For January Horror Haute!

We got back to Holland yesterday morning, I've been in and out of SL during the last two days but things seem to be a little amiss with the SL that Rudh is having a fair few oopsies... Things aren't rezzing in - mostly things that are attached to her body - and Hell is facing similar issues. We're not sure what is causing it, but both of us are more than a little irritated at the problem, and no amount of cache clearing, sim restarting or replacing of items of clothing is helping!!! Curse the SL Gods - somewhere where they won't hear me or they will make it even worse. 
Yet I got more than a little excited when I realised that it is very, very, very soon to be HORROR HAUTE time! The one time of the month when the pretty little rainbow loving me is pushed to the back of my mind and the living dead girl takes over.
The first of my looks this month is one that I love a lot, the underwear just called for me to put it on, and make myself feel more at home again, curling up on my bead and trying not to think about the HUGE pile of laundry that Hell and I amassed in 4 days we were away - HOW CAN TWO PEOPLE CREATE SO MUCH LAUNDRY IN 4 DAYS?! 
The lingerie set from Distorted Dreams for Horror Haute, and as soon as I saw it I remembered the gorgeous little Zombie Necklace from Cute Poison. OOOOH SOME EXCITING NEWS... I love Cute Poison, love love love it, and decided as one of my New Years resolutions to contact more designers and try to apply for a position within their team as a blogger - Sae Luan (Cute Poison's owner) contacted me to say that I made the cut and was to be a Cute Poison Blogger, I happy danced for hours over that! Such a loser aren't I? LOL! 
The skin I slipped into is also a special for January Horror Haute, a somewhat battered, bruised and bloody version of the Kimmi Skin from Anymore, it seemed to fit well with the sleepy living dead girl style Rudh wanted to go for today, as she curled up in a bed in the quietest room in the garden!

What is she wearing; 
Hair: DeLa - Shell in Red 
Skin: *Anymore - KimMi Skin in Blood (HORROR HAUTE JANUARY) 
Eyes: IKON - Horizon Eyes in Dark Verdigris 
Piercing: Cute Poison - Beauty Destroyed 
Necklace:  Cute Poison - Zombie Necklace 
Lingerie: Distorted Dreams - Zombie Hands Lingerie (HORROR HAUTE JANUARY) 
Pose: PURPLE POSES - Pose 34 
Bed:  [*Art Dummy!] - Little Bed with Bunny 
Crypt: by Nacht - The Crypt

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