Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas Lights Disaster!

I got into a little bit of trouble as I am taking down our Christmas decorations in SL - planning to wait until 12th night to take them down in RL - but I needed a change and although they are pretty, and I hate to admit it, the prim whore in me NEEDS the prims back - especially now that HellBone seems to be working on about 12 different projects hogging all the prims lol... 
Just a little note of warning to everyone taking their decorations down... It is NOT a good idea to stand in one place and yank the lights, cartoon style, thinking they will coil up neatly into their box! Bad things can happen... Like they did with me... 
As I pulled the string, some of the bulbs popped off and shot through the air, and what was once a pretty Christmas light display became something of a slow motion horror movie moment... Not thinking fast enough I didn't manage to dodge out of the way of the in-coming light bulbs, and as sod's law - or murphy's law if you are so inclined, I prefer the sod... sounds funnier - would have it the two bulbs heading my way lodged into my eyeballs!!! Funny thing was, as Hell so rightly put it, the fact they are flashing shows I have some smarts in that brain of mine somewhere... I mean something had to be providing the energy to power them, didn't it? 
LOL... These Christmas Light Hazard lights were released by Cute Poison for Horror Haute, and as Christmas and then New Year kinda got in the way I was a bit slow on playing around with them. However, as soon as I saw them on Sae Luan's Flickr stream, I KNEW I had to have them! Perfect as a mixture of blingy macabre and festive cheer, these will definitely be coming out again... Just have to wait a whole year first hehe...

What is she wearing; 
Hair: DeLa - Sophie in White 
Skin: Ploom - Maia in Smoke Honey 
Lashes: Lamp*Light - Lash Pack Mascara Prim 
Christmas Lights with Blood: Cute Poison - Christmas Light Hazard 
Ring: SAKIDE - Black Cross Ring in Silver 

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  1. LOL@ Hell's comment there. You can always rely on a guy, to make a practical observation like that ;)