Friday, January 25, 2013

Dolly Heads and Glamour for Horror Haute January

Horror Haute is stuffed full of fun stuff this week, it has been difficult to make a choice of what to show off from the collection. As soon as I saw this vanity table though I knew it would be something that I simply had to feature, besides you know me, once Hell gets on my nerves even just a little bit I remove his head from his body hehe... I'm getting good at stitching it back on now by the way!
The location was something I randomly discovered buried deep within my inventory too... I wanted somewhere slightly ruined, somewhere a little dark looking, and couldn't find the right location where I could rez the table so I began digging through the warehouse wardrobe. From last year's World Goth Fair I discovered a few buildings from by Nacht, which I will be honest I had forgotten about but were in fact simply too gorgeous to hide away. I didn't have any space in the garden for it, so I did what anyone would do and rezzed it floating in the air so that I could get a shot with light coming through the windows... and I LOVE IT!
Thank you to the designer of by Nacht for creating this gorgeous Abbey structure and sorry that it has taken me so long to find it in my hoard - but I wasn't really blogging back then like I am now, least that's my excuse and I am sticking with it lol... 
Yet there is a ton of Horror Hautey stuff that needs to be mentioned... I just kept putting things on and thinking "Oh that works, and that and that" - it was possibly one of my easiest looks to create in recent months hehe... 
The Doll Head Vanity Table by Del's Odd Shop really caught my attention, I'd never noticed the store too much before but after seeing this offering I went over for a little looksee... If you want to macabre up your place, then this is a good place to start as it is full of fun and random but macabre style decorative pieces... Yet although the table was rather bloody looking, I wanted to dress Rudh in something a little more glamourous, hence this fitted dress from Deathrocker Betty Crocker, pumps from The Little Bat and glam up-do from Truth... Rudhified with a piercing from Kre-ations adding a little sparkle to the make-up of the FK! Designs skin... I think I pulled this look well and truely out of the bag hehe...

What is she wearing;
Hair: Truth - January in Elvira (Past Group Gift)
Skin: FK! Designs - Siouxsie (HORROR HAUTE JANUARY)
Piercing: Kre-ations - Jestery Pierce (HORROR HAUTE JANUARY)
Collar: Cute Poison - Posture Collar in Cross
Dress: Deathrocker Betty Crocker - Nevermore Slinky Dress (HORROR HAUTE JANUARY) 
Ring: Mandala - Motsumame in Black/Silver
Shoes: The Little Bat - Skully Pumps (HORROR HAUTE JANUARY)
Vanity & Decor: Del's Odd Shop - Doll Vanity (HORROR HAUTE JANUARY)
Pose: BENT - Lookbook 12 (No Longer Available)
Building: by Nacht - The Abbey

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