Thursday, January 17, 2013

Lingerie is a good outfit, right?

I've been wearing cute outfits but nothing overly sexy recently... Pulling on a pair of skinny jeans and a comfy but cool looking top, has been my look of the last few weeks, yet today I wanted something different, something with a little va-va-voom...
For that I turned to some of the new releases of the awesome Miss Kinu Mayako - Sakide's elven owner - and her contribution to the Perfect Wardrobe's Candy themed round. Candy cute but super sexy, the outfits created by Miss Kinu are just too adorable and I couldn't resist slipping into one! 
I will admit that I had some slight issues with the dress style corseted outfit - due to the fact that I have a no mod shape and huge nunga nungas, I had to try the large size... Problem was this gave me the biggest butt on the face of the earth, and as Rudh has a fairly small derriere, I couldn't make the dress work for me! The seperates though, which include a bra and panties with a mesh corset in place of a skirtish idea, meant that I was only sizing something for my bottom and I could wear a smaller size!  Now normally, I would be a bit shy about wandering around in just lingerie, but I think the snow is making me rebel and I thought "why the heck not?!" Jewellery and heels completed my somewhat risque outfit, and after a short trip to a club with my little sister Morgie, I collapsed on a comfy chaise with a great book - I'm reading Miranda Hart's book "Is it just me?", she's a comedienne and if you don't know her I would recommend you check her out lol - and the sound of the swamp to relax with... Who says you cant dress up all sexy just to relax? 

What is she wearing; 
Hair: DeLa - Shell Hair in Red 
Skin: Ploom - Maia in Smoke Honey 
Piercing: Cute Poison - Beauty Destroyed 
Necklaces: (Beads) MiWardrobe - Audrey Necklaces in Grey, AND, (Cross) Maxi Gossamer - Granada Filigree Cross in Silver (Available from Limited Bazaar - SOLD OUT!)
Lingerie: SAKIDE - Vintage Glam in Pink (Available now at the Perfect Wardrobe)
Ring: Maxi Gossamer - Tiger Lily Flower in Silver (Available from Limited Bazaar - SOLD OUT!)
Shoes: Pixel Mode - Baby T Shoes in Snow 
Lounger: Cheeky Pea - Charlie Chaise

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