Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bog Hero... Week 7

A NEW SONG YAY!!! My thoughts go out to the lovely Miss Shay as she heads into some much needed away time, shall miss the HUGE amount of reading everyday, but she's said that there will still be songs and so I'm gonna keep working on them, maybe she'll see them too...
The new song was one that I had never heard this week, though after my first listen I fell in love with it and plan to do some much deeper investigation into their music in the near future. The band is categories as folk rock, a term I have never really gotten my head around, it seems to be a mixture of haunting melodies with beautiful words and a fair heaping of tambourine rattling away in the background. I don't claim to be the most knowledgeable person when it comes to music, but I know what I like and this is a band that I will definitely be looking into in the future. I call myself a Rock music lover when pushed, but my taste is so eclectic it runs down the scale from bands like Lordi and Holyhell to Take That and back up it again, lol - Lordi and Take That in the same sentence - but then isn't that the point of music you like what you like?!
I will admit prior to posting my attempt this week that I did cheat just a little! I used different lyrics to those posted by Shay, from the same song, but I thought it would make my picture look less like hers hehe... 
Week Seven's song... Blackmore's Night - Under A Violet Moon
Fortuneteller what do you see
Future in a card
Share your secrets, tell them to me
Under a Violet Moon
This song had me dancing from the first moment I heard it. Yet when I saw the lyrics and the picture that Shay had put up I didn't want to work on the bridge, it would have been too similar, so I picked different lyrics and ended up running down into the family garden to create a picture. IT took me many tries as rebaking was causing me problems, it's an old outfit from Nicky Ree and it has a glitch skirt, the rebake was making it like one LONG GIANT LUMP and I wasn't pleased... then I had to get Hell controlling Rudh and making the pose ball I'd sat her on move so that I could get some movement. Yet as always, in the end it was a snap and save moment that ended up being the best picture... I didn't even need to do any work in Photoshop, HOW COOL!!! 

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  1. Hi there, Shay here. wonderful picture <3 and i don`t mind the lyrics at all.