Saturday, August 13, 2011

52 Weeks of Colour - Week 41!

This week there is just 11 weeks left of the challenge, when you say 11 weeks it seems a lot less than if you call it about 3 months... Let's stick to talking in terms of Months rather than Weeks shall we... otherwise I might have to start running a countdown to Christmas LOL, when thinking of weeks it's only what 20 weeks? LOL... Time to start writing my list of demands... I mean Wishes... to Santa! 
But anyway, that aside, this week's colour was REALLY hard for me, I have a problem with anything in the pink range, but once I had found my outfit I loved it so much that I wore it for a week and will probably wear it for a little while yet! It did get me some funny comments whilst I was out shopping though, one noobish male avatar who shall remain nameless Im'med me to comment that I looked like a crazy person! He said my hair was weird, I asked would it have been so weird if I had had a mer-tail instead of legs, but he didn't respond... It always makes me laugh when people try to comment negatively on the way I dress Rudh. I dress the way that I want to, most of the time she's a bit of a skank, other times she can be a walking rainbow, and there are even times when I look a little eccentric, but in my eyes Rudh is a barbie doll. Even when she is in jeans it is a look that I couldn't or wouldn't even try to wear in RL, if I showed as much flesh in RL as I do in SL I would probably be arrested for indecency! It won't be the last time that someone in SL feels they have the right to comment on another's appearance, but at the end of the day people like that are just jealous they haven't got the imagination, or have way too much free time on their hands!
Week 41...
Week 41: That is the last time I wash my hair with Sea Water... LOL
What is she wearing; 
Hair: Ploom - Jinx
Tentacle Hair: + Panda Express+ - Tentacle Hair
Jewellery: (I cant find the store ANYWHERE sorry guys)
Dress: (including leggings): The Sea Hole - OCTO-dress

I loved this outfit, I keep saying that the colours I think will be hardest tend to be the outfits that I love most, this proves that for me!!! 
Next week - Chartreuse...


  1. I'm totally on board with you, Rudh - let's not let the critics spoil our creativity. Your tentacled look is way fun, btw;)

  2. Such a unique look. And you're much braver than I am (the tentacles remind me of spiders, eek!).

  3. Oohh, I love the hair! I've been drooling at it every now and then, but so far I've resisted the temptation. I also have the tentacle dress, which is awesome. Good job!

  4. I LOVE your hair! You look smashing beautiful lady! And let me tell you, anyone who actually takes the time to insult someone else regardless if it is online or not, is really a moron with no tact. Yes, we see a lot of this in our little barbie doll world, but I would bet the noobish moron probably had no ao, whose hair looked like someone wiped there butt with and forget about the jerk knowing how to edit hair. Not to mention he or she did not know the first thing about dressing themselves and is probably wearing the cheap tshirt they received for free on welcome island,and is probably still wearing it! =) Let em spend the time and lindens we have on our avi's then "maybe" they can talk!
    Loves Ya!
    PS...Ill keep an eye on my nungas not falling out while dancin..LOL!! xoxo

  5. aw that is so cool you are Miss Octopus :P That is so original, and think about it, I mean, the guy is 1. male, and 2. a newbie, what would he know? You walk out in that on some of the best fashion runways you'd cause a definite stir!
    Great one Rudh :)
    hugs ♥ Laura
    @Laila: ...."nungas"? LOL!

  6. Well.. critics from a noobie? Déjà vu
    Sexy Octopus!

  7. What a doofus noob, I love the tentacle look! Besides SL is the perfect place to explore strange, eccentric, fanciful new looks, if not here, where?

    You look adorable.

  8. Whoooo, you rock that skankish rainbowness, Rudh! Love this look. As for inappropriate comments, you have to wonder if that noob would make such a comment in RL. Somehow, I think not. SL is sometimes a license for idiocy.

  9. You realy did a special one....very octo )))))

  10. Rockin' outfit, and if any of us had seen you in-world, we'd be congratulating you loudly in open chat!

  11. Anyone who didn't say "what an awesome outfit" immediately upon seeing you is not worth wasting any more brain cells on--
    Love it!

  12. Octo-tastic :) Your dress and hair work great together. You are rocking Jazzberry. :)

  13. Yep, as Eliza says, not worth the brain time, that noob; you look great.

  14. aaaaww, that´s a cool look, i love the dress!