Tuesday, August 16, 2011

An opinion would be much appreciated!

I've been thinking recently about my blog banner... I love the picture that was created for me by my friend Vix, but that was about 6 months ago or so now, and in my eyes it is starting to look a little dated... I've moved on a bit since then! 
At the end of last week I sat and created a potential new banner, something that I put together and is by no means a great work of art, but after I was done I sat looking, and couldn't make up my mind about whether to change my blog banner or not... Stupid huh?? Why can't I just do it? I asked Hell and he said I should, but still I am not sure. SO, I have decided to post it up here and ask for opinions... 
Do I change my current banner, or do I stick with it and throw this one in the garbage?? Answers on a postcard please lol... 


  1. Honey...throw the new one up in there. It is a great pic of you, and I love how you did the lettering. It is creative, whimsical, and beautiful, just like you! =)...what are you waiting for, you know it looks goooood!!!!LOL

  2. Very cute new banner! I changed my coloring scheme recently, although I did leave the pic
    looks great!

  3. Put the new one up! You look so much different and it's totally cute. Speaking of banners, my blog is bannerless because I'm a noob when it comes to making one.