Saturday, September 3, 2011

52 Weeks of Colour - Week 44!

This week happens to have a colour that falls into my favourite colour range... I LOVE red tones, red and black prior to this challenge made up about 95% of my wardrobe, so a monochrome colour followed by a red - Walk in the Park lol... Though saying that makes me worry I have spoken too soon... There do seem to be a LOT of colours we're missing still, things like Gold, or Turquoise!! I would love to create a gold look!
Still this week is in the red range again, and might I just add YAY, though in all seriousness I found myself wandering back to the carnival that I had visited with the pink post for Week 28. This worries me, I don't, can't won't do clowns - they are ALMOST as bad for me as Aliens (long story!) - yet I keep being drawn back to Carni style looks! First it was the Candyfloss seller and now a Balance Artist! Thankfully not a clown in sight, well unless you count HellBone but maybe that's a little mean... nah lol only ONE clown in sight hehe...
Week 44...
Week 44: Balancing on a ball in heels, NO MEAN FEAT!!! I have booboos on my booboos lol...
What is she wearing; 
Hair: Truth - Tasmine
Make-up: REPULSE - Mad Mime Face Paint, LAYERED WITH ::Squeek!:: not exactly a clown
Necklace: CONCRETE FLOWERS - Tinman's Heart
Dress: [Play.] - The Carnie
Pants: CONCRETE FLOWERS - Gropper Pants
Shoes (come with socks): [ATOMIC] - Circus Fun
Ball: .:-CatniP-:. - Balance Ball

Next Week - Bronze...YAY Back in the Autumn Tones... I LOVE Autumn!!!


  1. Ruhd, I love your theme this week. Well done! Cute outfit, too!

  2. Hi Rudh,talking about lady Gaga? ... well may be you are more Lady Gaga on this post hehe;) super greetings Nic

  3. Lavanda, Gold, Turquoise, Coral...
    I love it, even if I hate clowns too :p

  4. I can hear the calliope playing! Love your outfit and your balancing act!

  5. Aw you look adorable! Reds are definitely perfect for you, I can see why you favor them.

  6. Yea, clowns, worse for me than liver:( But what a cute idea - you look brilliant!

  7. Great balancing act!

  8. I'm pretty anti-clowns too but you make a sexy carnie! Keep up that awesome balancing!

  9. Beautiful AND talented! Bravo!!

  10. Great outfit! Love the balancing on the ball. I love autumn to..YAYYY! xoox

  11. Aw Rudh oh-so-cute :P Go see the circus stuff at Chanimations!
    Thanks for stopping by

  12. Wow, fashion and stunts? I am applauding and have urge to throw coins! Great pic.

  13. *plays circus the post and the pic :)

  14. Such a creative idea!

  15. You do look great in red, and your balance is perfect ... I don't like clowns either, give me nightmares rather than make me laugh