Saturday, August 27, 2011

Today, I am 5!

Today, I am 5... 
A dream-like photo that took me hours to create, these are the many Rudhmellowen's through my 5 year stay in SL...
The addiction, the ever changing thrill ride, the soap opera that is SecondLife, has kept me within it's grasp for the last 5 years. RL people have told me that it is a waste of time, that I will never achieve anything by spending my free time sitting in front of the computer and moving a  character around. Yet they have been so wrong, on so many levels. 
Since I first started SL way back in 2006, I've discovered a love of zebra print, and shock horror, COLOUR... I ran a club, and now a store... I've been a fae, a walking rainbow and a vamp, now I seem to have managed to subdue these although sometimes they become apparent, and sure there have been more break-ups than I care to remember, relationships that withered and died within days, friendships that turned out to be more fake than friendly, yet I have been lucky to find people who have become friends, stayed friends and will likely be there always, and on top of that I met the man I want to grow old with!
There are so many people that I want to thank for sharing my SL with me, I don't think that I know where to start... Dare I list people? Would that cause more trouble than it was worth? Everyone that has been a part of my SL I want to say a big THANK YOU for the ride, it has been tough at times, but it has been so worth it! Though to Fledge, Hell, Lynnie, Zak, Fire and the rest of my SL Family I have to send special thanks to you guys, you've been my rocks (Fledge especially you - you've put up with me for almost as long as I've been in SL... Dunno how you've managed without needing to be taken away by men in white coats). I know that sometimes I have driven you guys crazy, but thank you for sticking by me!! I love you guys, and everyone that is still a part of my life, no matter how long I've known you!!! 
I wanted to put together a little slideshow of photos, of people that have been on the ride with me... Some are still there, others have moved on but each was important, there are also people that I haven't included, I have my reasons, they probably know them!

Time to start the next chapter, I wonder if I will still be doing this in another 5 years? Gosh 10 years in SL that would feel like an eternity, 5 already feels like a Lifetime!


  1. YAYYYY Happy Rezday and wow I'm impressed that the old Rudhs are still quite presentable, I wouldn't dare bring my first avies out in public...

    OK I do have a confession to make... you said you were surprised I wasn't dragged off by the men in white coats... well truth is, they only let me out when you're coming to visit, rest of the time I am typing to you from my cosy padded cell MUAHAHAHA 8)

    Sadly not, that sounds quite delightfully peaceful to be honest.

    Cool post, great photoshop, and awww (and LOL!) at the pics in your slideshow. Such a lot has happened in SL over the years, it may not be the same as going out and doing things IRL but socially, unless you're a really lucky person, I think internet beats RL - and we don't all have the money or good health to enjoy an active life, so I say hurray for computers and virtual reality! It has to beat going down the pub every Friday night and joining a macrame class?!

  2. Happy fifth rez-day, and aweseome collage!

    And great liver pics :-).

  3. Happy Rez day! I celebrated mine two weeks ago. Which means we have both been here the same amount of time. 10 Years? Hmmm, if your here, I will be to. Love you!

  4. Happy Rez day and I love that collage!