Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Waited HOURS for a Violent Seduction!

Have you ever looked at a photo of a release sent out by a designer to advertise their latest product and gone, OMFG I WANT THAT!!! I do it all the time, sometimes things get bought instantly, other times I store the photos with highly detailed notes in a wish list telling me where an item came from, how much, release dates and the like... Yet this dress was one of those items I had to have NOW!! Little did I think that I would end up spending THREE AND A HALF HOURS waiting for it...
This gorgeous dress is the latest release from the store Violent Seduction. I will admit that I love the store, the stuff that comes out of it is so pretty and high quality, it is always worth the price you pay. I merrily skipped over to the store to be hit by a wall of lag and of people waiting around for this item. It is the latest item to be put in the Lucky Vendor, yet this is a little different from the normal items up for grabs as it was originally due to be released as a sale outfit. Due to the release of the MESH enabled viewer (something that I will admit I am kinda scared of, it's taken me 5 years to get used to prims), she has announced that this will be her last non-Mesh outfit and therefore threw it in the Lucky vendor as a giftie!!! I teamed it with some bright red Maitreya heels, Lionesque locks from House of Munster and a Crown - and BAM, instant smoking hot queen! 
I will warn you, though it is fully mod, it has no resize scripts, I had to resize the skirt a LOT as I am fairly chunky waisted with a fat butt! Took a lot of cussing!! Also, to get the Lucky vendor gifts you have to be a part of the Violent Seduction group, at a cost of 50l, but an outfit like this makes the cost of joining totally worth it!


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  2. Love..this is sooo kewl! I want it myself! Wowzers! Can I just say, this is an awesome picture!! xoxo

  3. Ugh Majid Ali... Coming to leave a comment on my blog begging for money... Sorry but if I wanna donate money to a cause I am not gonna be doing it through a blog, I'll go to somewhere I know that the money will ACTUALLY be going to that cause!