Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I love the idea of a challenge as much as the next person, and if I see them being created then it makes me want to at least have a go... Never sure I will complete any that I take on, they have to catch my attention as much as the Colour Challenge did to be able to keep me creating something every week, yet while they are new and fresh then I can at least attempt them. So this new challenge then, this is a challenge that has been created by Gidge Uriza for the It's Only Fashion Blog, and it came to my attention in the blog of the awesome Miss Laura18 Streeter... 
This is the SL Weekly Words Challenge, and the idea behind this challenge either a word or phrase will be issued up by Gidge each week, then you can blog about anything that for you personally fits the given word or phrase - it doesn't have to be SL related, it can be anything it would seem, so you never know what I might pull out of the Mary Poppin's style bag of mine (in case you don't get the reference she carries EVERYTHING in her bag hehe)... The Original Post by Gidge is worth checking out if you are interested, oh and Laura's post, which is where I found this challenge!
So it's week one, the words for this week are: 
I decided to create a picture like this because Hell represents the faith (OK and the desire too) as he is someone I can depend on, someone I love deeply and someone I would trust to stand beside me in any situation. He would always catch me if I fall! The desire part he knows about and even laughed at when I told him my plans hehe, Rudh is daydreaming about an episode of my favourite Television show, Supernatural, as I have more than a little bit of a crush on the half naked, Sam Winchester!!! LOL!
So that folks, is what Rudh has in her mind when she thinks of Faith and Desire... The words for next week are on the original post... Next week it is the turn of our Wants and Needs!! That could get a little bit saucy hehe!


  1. Haha too cute. I like Dean better myself.

  2. I love this. Thanks so much for participating and I can't wait to see what you come up with for next week.

  3. LOL your Hell is very forgiving, if I posted something like this (with Dean instead of Sam, obviously) Andrew would sulk for a month XD