Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Blog Hero... Week 6

Week 6 of the Blog Hero Challenge rolls around... I am falling in love with this challenge more and more each week. Miss Shay took us in the direction of the Eurovision Song Contest this time, for those of you that don't know, this is a singing competition where the countries of Europe work with their neighbours in a bid to beat all other countries, in a song contest where normally many of the performers would NOT be allowed to be seen singing in public. Maybe I am biased because I am English and we seem to send in crap year upon year just for the fun of it, this year we sent in newly reformed boy band 'Blue' though I guess we got beaten in our coolness by the Irish who sent in Jedward... Occasionally though something good does come out of the Eurovision (though nothing English I will say AGAIN), I love LORDI who won a few years back and who were the first heavy metal band to do so, and now this year's Turkish song has actually grown on me since I watched it this morning aghast that Shay would pick something from the EUROVISION... I was thinking OH NO CHEESY POP, but I was pleasantly surprised... Don't think I actually remember this song!
Week Six's song... Turkey Eurovision 2011 - Live It Up
 Hey it’s time to live it up my friend
Put the record on
Sing it loud and let it out life is beautiful
My friend let it out life is beautiful

This photo caused me problems, I got in fights with friends whilst making it because I'd had a bad day and they kept poking me about stupid stuff that didn't really matter, so it did get put on the back burner a little. Yet when I read the lyrics I instantly thought of being in my bedroom when I was younger singing into a hairbrush, this photo evolved from that. Rudh in a dream like state, set up in what could have been a new bedroom, having a daydream about singing somewhere fabulous. When I first moved into my flat at University, the first thing that I did was get my CD's out and play them, but in this case I went with a retro record player to fit the lyrics. I love the way that this photo came out... 
OH AND MISS SHAY... Good Luck with whatever you are going into hospital for, you'll be missed, keep smiling and it'll be the end of October before you know it *hugs*  


  1. Aww Rudh, you got me smiling widely. I so know that singing with the hairbrush, your picture made me feel living it up :-) <3


  2. Oh that's cool, you managed to come up with a good scenario after all! Nice take on the lyrics.