Friday, August 12, 2011

Summer Spell Practice

Today, whilst getting dressed in a new top that I discovered on a random trip to Candy Metal, a store that I recently discovered through the Beauty Circle. Their latest release was a cute badly buttoned cardigan, worn with or without a bra on show underneath. As I was dressing, I for some reason ended up looking like a rather skankish version of a school girl, the kind of uniform that is only present in porno, and then from there I got this weird desire to take a photo of a school girl with a twist hehe... 
This is a picture for two members of my SL family, I guess you might call them Uncles, Remus and Severus. Remus has been like an uncle to me for the longest time, he's always made sure I had somewhere to call home, and he has been there with words of advice as well as the odd "Rudhmellowen is that a skirt?" comment. 
The green on my socks and the bow in my hair show that I have been assigned the house of Slytherin, it is the only place for a "bad girl" (LOL I'm far too innocent to be a bad girl lol), yet I think it might have been a plot by my darling uncles to make sure that I am behaving what with Uncle Severus being the House Master... When all the other kids go home for the summer, I get made to practice my wizardry... Just great living with professors huh?! 
LOL - btw I don't really know much of anything about Harry Potter, I'm not a fan! The only things I do know are things I have heard from friends and family...


  1. Awww,are those lovebirds? I think they are plotting against you, and they are going to whoosh down and fly off with your Slytherin hat!
    Cute post love...xoxo

  2. such a great post Rudh. I am a Harry Potter fan and I have to say, you did a great job with this post, even though i would be more of a gryffindor myself!!!