Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Come on England, Get through this Crap!!!!!

 I am not a particularly patriotic person, I will confess that I miss England dearly since moving to Holland to be with Hell, but I never was one of those people that was deeply interested in the royal family, or politics, what I miss most are the silly things... Being able to buy English Chedder (yes, I know that seems silly in a country who can claim a main export to be cheese), or watching the news on TV in English, or the charity shops and carboot sales (oh my god they were like little treasure troves!) We seem to have a collection of Union Jacks around our house now hehe...
Yet for the last few days I have been concerned, more so about friends and family, but England seems to have gone into self-destruct mode and it is freaking scary! What started out as the police trying to stop some guy involved in gun crime, seems to have now become a free-for-all display of what would seem like stupidity and nonsense violence. People on the radio saying "we cant afford a new TV, so we just took one", since when was that the way that the world worked? Damaging other people's property and livelyhoods, for what purpose other than to just be able to say "hey look at me I'm so cool I started a fire!" What started out as a family protest about the death of their son (the man shot by the police that was involved in carrying arms in the first place) has spiralled out of control over the past three days, people organising rioting using modern technology such as Facebook and Twitter or their Blackberries, young children following their parents examples and getting involved, the police having to let mob rule continue as they are so short handed?! It is truely shocking!
So far my parents and grandparents seem to be OK, I have family in Croydon (one of the areas suffering), and Fledge, Zak and Fire are all up north, where the rioting has spread too... I just hope that something gets done about this soon... To anyone that is caught up in the affected areas, stay safe, I have my fingers and toes crossed for you, and they will stay like that till all this chaos is over!

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