Sunday, July 31, 2011

I think I'm going insane

Today I did something that is so unlike the RL me that I swear I must have been channeling Rudh into RL. It feels like I am going slightly insane, things around me are crazy both in and out of world...
I quit my RL job today, it is a job that I have had for around three months now, and it was my first since I have been living in Holland (you might remember I posted about that before, if not here's the link!). Yet I was driven to the point of no return by a recent survey that suggested I was not cleaning to the same standards as the girls that have been recently trained by the new manager even though NO TRAINING has ever been offered to me since the new head of House-keeping took over a month ago. I had no idea that my work was not sufficient, and although the prices of the rooms has increased to 210 euros per night (that's around $300), there are still some disgusting maintenance issues that the hotel doesn't seem bothered to deal with. Things like broken switches, mouldy bathroom ceilings, windows that don't have proper ventilation... yet it was MY WORK THAT WAS BELOW STANDARD... Please, if I were the customer in that hotel I would be more put off by the stuff mentioned above, than worrying about things like whether the alarm clock had been set to the right time! So anyway, from somewhere I seemed to find the courage to walk into the hotel this morning, hand them my work supplied t-shirt and say "I decided to find work somewhere else, thanks but BYE BYE!", I must have been channeling Rudh, I wouldn't normally have been that ballsy in RL - I know that I have that in me but damn it rarely ever bubbles to the surface. I've always acted with Rudh as I act in RL, maybe with a little more confidence, but she's still me... It felt empowering to let out the more confident side of me into RL for a change, normally I will do things for a quiet life, but after this maybe it is time that I took more control?


  1. I am proud of you. You did the right thing. Your confidence and correct morals led you in the direction of what you did. Not only that, but you will find the older you get, the more ballsy you will become..and its all okay!! =)
    xoxo Loves ya!

  2. Wtg girl! Sometimes a girl just gotta say no. Another friend was asked to lower her consulting fees for her job by half by her biggest client. She told them to go blow. I know Rudh will find something else - good luck and a kiss!

  3. Hey girl! Very proud of you for standing up for yourself!! You'll do just fine and find something much better for yourself! Good luck! <3

  4. Good on you! Quitting a job without another to go to is foolhardy and scary, but it's also liberating and a path to finding something more rewarding -- hooray!