Friday, July 26, 2019

Stop That Sausage Thief!!

Bugger Me Sideways... Today has been even worse weather wise than yesterday, and I think it has something to do with the Thunderstorm that rolled through last night. The air is very humid and it makes it so much harder to breathe today than normal...
So today, all I really want to do is play in a pool in the back yard and eat BBQ food, unluckily for me, things don't seem to want to work that way, and I'm resigned to sitting inside to work. So lucky Rudh, she gets to go out and enjoy some pool time and a BBQ instead of me! 
Sometimes that biatch has all the fun... Dammit! 
So while she was in the back yard, preparing to start an all out war on HellBone the moment he came back out of the door, she noticed that a cheeky little puppy was stealing our dinner... He was just happily helping himself to the sausages that Hell had cooked on the BBQ... The war was no longer between me and Hell, now it was a matter of protecting my sausages!
The pump action Squirter Spurter from Junk Food was the perfect weapon... Blast that little bugger and the games are on!!!
While I'm pointing things out I want to mention my sunglasses, these are my new favourite glasses at the moment. They are cute, and very stylish... They are the Chloe Glasses from Fetch for the most recent round of Collabor88! Now, before you say anything I KNOW they aren't very clear in the picture SO I'm gonna be a good girl and share the ad too! You don't want to miss these!! 

What is she wearing;
Hair: #Foxy - Grind in Reds 
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Glasses: [Fetch] - Chloe Glasses (Available until August 6th for Collabor88
Swimsuit: REIGN - Jade Swimsuit in Watermelon 
Gun: Junk Food - Squirter Spurter VIP (Available until August 5th at Equal10
Pose: FOXCITY - Late Night, Pose 1 
Chair: Violetility - Sorbet Seat in Orange (Available until August 22nd at Uber
BBQ & Dog: Jian - Boston Terrier Hotdog Thief 
Pool: The Black Forest - Wearable Inflatable Pool in Fiesta 
Water Balloon Set: peaches - Let's Play! Water Balloon Fight 
Backdrop: FOXCITY - Block Party in Noon (Available for use at Backdrop City)

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