Saturday, April 20, 2019

I'm a Free Spirit

It's Easter Weekend, but as I've told you before I'm not really into the Easter Holiday. I really would rather fast forward to Halloween now. Skip all that warm weather Summer stuff and find the cooler times. I think that my mood is matching my wardrobe today, the outfit is something that can be pretty Spring wear, but I guess I'm just in an Autumn Mood today hence why it looks a little Autumnal... 
This outfit seemed like the perfect outfit to go out exploring in - as a side note I went to explore at Erebos Harbor, it's so pretty. It looks casual and comfortable as well as being pretty and cute for all seasons... Take off the Scarf and Cardigan, SUMMER. Add some tights, WINTER. Although it's perfect for Spring and Autumn exactly the way it is! 
The outfit is made up from the collection available in the Witchwood Hedge Witch Hunt. Witchwood is home to the Petite Mort and Oubliette Stores, and in this hunt collection designs are pulled together from the very feminine and somewhat bohemian Petite Mort, and mixed with a few dashes of Oubliette to form a very adorable and worthwhile set of hunt prizes. 

What is she wearing;
Hat & Hair: Truth - Taren in Redhead 
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Outfit: Witchwood - Hedge Witch Hunt Items (Available until May 4th at Witchwood Home of Oubliette & Petite Mort)
Pose: -Extra- - Warmer Weather 

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