Sunday, March 11, 2018

Sins Released... She's Lusting...

Working through my Sins, and getting to play today with my favouritest of them all... Today I'm using the Image Essentials pose to play at being demonic Lust... 
There are so many different ways that lust can be portrayed, be it pretty romantic desire to carnal almost violent passion... and I'm a lover of both!!! Although you might not notice if you see how much of my kinky side comes to the surface... 
I loved playing around with Lust but it's a look that seems to be a sin I play with a lot... So this picture is nothing out of the ordinary for me! It's something that is allowing me to showcase the new collection of teddybears that my Gator boys bought for me. There's the one in the cage - that's Chopper - there's the one in the corner - that's Max - and the collection of bears - is HellBone, since he's everywhere in my SL and RL too ...
In her dark bedroom, where even the bears are lusty, she's bound and ready for some dark lust filled fun... Her ropes and their roses from Tentacio - available now at the Whore Couture - a sign of what already occurred but the look on her face says she's ready to go again?!!

What is she wearing;
Hair: TRUTH - Halona in Redhead 
Blindfold: Tentacio - Rose Blind in White (Available until March 31st at Whore Couture)
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2
Ropes: Tentacio - Rose Rope Harness in White (Available until March 31st at Whore Couture)
Bruises: antielle - Bites & Hickies (No Longer Available!)
Rope Bruises: Chemical Princess - Rope Marks Tattoo
Lingerie: Birdy. - Cabaret Gacha Items in Gold
Shoes: lassitude & ennui - Obsession Sandals in White
Pose: Image Essentials - Seven Deadly Sins in Lust (Available until March 31st at DESIGNER CIRCLE)
Cage & Rack: Fapple - The Rodion Cage Gacha Items
Bear in Cage: Floor Candy - "bdsm bear"
Bed: Violetility - Court of Love Bed
Brown Bears: [La Baguette] - DiKuma Teddy
Toy Box: Fapple - BDSM Tool Box
Gray Bear: World of Wonder - Naughty Time Bear
Skybox: Neverwish - Sinbox Skybox

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