Thursday, March 15, 2018

Sins Released... Proud, Vain, but so Pretty

There are 7 of the Deadly Sins, and each has it's own attributes which come through in the demeanour of Rudh every time one of them takes over her body. Lust is most common place but sometimes, when the others have control you see a side of Rudh that is not the normal. 
Pride, or sometimes as the sin is known Vanity, doesn't tend to be something I'm very good at... I always find myself second guessing and NEVER seem to be able to feel proud of things that I've done as I have a bit of an issue with self-confidence, or more correctly a lack of self confidence!  
The Pride sin is very vain and likes to be surrounded by mirrors... She's glam and mysterious and prides herself on the magic within...
Her outfit is something chosen specifically to show off her Astral Divinity - since she's proud of being such an important demon as one of the sins, dontcha know... Hand crafted by the workers of egosuamii and United Colors she dances through The Arcade like a beacon of light her pride and vanity showing through the glittering facade... Look at me, worship me, it screams... 
I only hope some of the pride in myself shines through today... 

What is she wearing;
Horns: ERSCH - Spiritual Gacha Horns in 09 Black 
Hair: DOUX - Ruby Hairstyle in Reds 
Third Eye: random.Matter - Cygla Third Eye in Bay 
Skin: Glam Affair - Seya in Europa 2 
Eyes: Izzie's - Demon Eyes 
Dress: United Colors - Olivia Dress in Black 
Accessories: {egosumaii} - Astral Divinity Gacha Items (Available until March 31st at The Arcade
Pose: Image Essentials - Seven Deadly Sins in Sloth (Available until March 31st at DESIGNER CIRCLE)
Mirrors: {anc} - Looking Glass. Gacha Items
Plant: dust bunny - Potted Sago Palm
Building: Apple Fall - Country Hall

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