Wednesday, January 10, 2018

She bathes and waits for her Prince

Bath time! Oh how I crave a RL bath... We had our bathroom re-done in RL last year, and I really love it don't get me wrong, but I do really miss the chance to have a bath sometimes. Our new Bathroom just wasn't big enough for one, but I still pine for a long soak in a hot bath... I guess it's something that I need to live out in SL, one of those things that I can only do in SL for the time being! In SL my baths can become magical things... Moments of bliss and magic...
Today's bath is a magical one... a gorgeous bath - or should that be Yuzu Onsen - created by Violetility for last month's We <3 RP. It's so idyllic, a large boulder bath with water coming straight from the hot springs below ground. 
The magical deer princess - marked by the Winter Mori Crown - from lassitude & ennui - on her head - lounges in the hot water, surrounded by the enchantment of the forest glade. "He loves me, He loves me not" with the delicate petals of the yellow peony left by her fairytale prince

What is she wearing;
Hair: Moon Hair - Sacred Vi ola II in Pastels 
Tiara: lassitude & ennui - Winter Mori Crown in Gold (Available until January 29th at Etoile
Make-Up: Nightmare - Bad Dreams 
Flower: *LODE* - Blossoms in Single Peony 
Bath: Violetility - Yuzu Onsen 
Sparkles: ALEGRIA - Dancing Stars Fireflies White Lights (No Longer Available!)

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