Wednesday, January 25, 2017

They Dance The Movement

I don't very often get a chance to blog pictures of other people, and spend far too much time looking at my own face while I'm posing. I also tend to have a bit of an issue sometimes when I am being sent couple poses... HellBone hates standing still for very long and so finding someone to pose with me can be a little difficult at times LOL. 
Yet a few days ago while standing around doing nothing with my good friends Lilian and Chopper, and she was showing off the new dress that she had on, I hit upon an idea... POSING TIME!
Now, even though they are not a couple, Lil and Chopper were willing to help me out in a very romantic pose. The new pose by Come Soon is called The Movement, and it's a brief pause in a somewhat sensual dance. This pose is a Limited Edition, available at the latest but soon to end round of Cosmopolitan, so if you want it you need to get over there soon!
I love the way that this picture worked out, and I really enjoyed having models to play with... There will be more coming like this, if I can find the models LOL... 

What are they wearing;
Hat: Flax Pye Studio - Cowboy Hat Unisex 
Jacket: ILLI - Rolled Up Sleeve Blazer 
Pants: Gas - Mens Mesh Chino Pants in Madrid 
Boots: Hoorenbeek - Cowboy Boots in Short w/Concho 
Hair: TRUTH - Vixen in Gingers 
Dress: United Colors - Susan Dress (Available until February 15th at Ultra
Tattoo: White Widow - Loving Pink 
Shoes: N-core - Grace Summer 
Pose & Props:
Pose: Come Soon - The Movement (Available until January 29th at Cosmopolitan
Building: ionic - Sacred Ruins 
Sparkle Curtain: [ keke ] - Twinkling Lights Log in Bare Wood 
Floating Sparkles: ALEGRIA - Dancing Stars Fireflies White Lights (No Longer Available!)
Candles: hive - Floor Candelabra in Wrought Iron 
Floor Sparkles: [ keke ] - Glitter Floor 

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